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to be a life sentence"


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A gut disorder does not have to be a life sentence. Our talents, passion, love, hopes and desires get buried deep within the chaos of a hectic life when we don’t feel our best.. This resonates all too well with Neviana as she, too, knows the pain. Getting closer to self-discovery, understanding her emotional life and finding food freedom has been the biggest gift Neviana has given herself, and the important people in her life. Not only has this transformation dramatically improved her health, it has changed the way she perceives life as a mother, wife, daughter and overall human being.  Today she helps women find long lasting freedom through their emotions specifically for gut issues and their relationship to food.too.  

What makes me, me?

I am passionate about life . I mean the deep meaningful reasons for living. I jump for joy when I have an opportunity to hear someone else’s life story. I love people… ALL people. I love communicating and connecting with others.
Everyone has a story, but I love digging deeper into those exceptional life stories. Hearing about the ups and downs,

the struggles, the victories and overcoming the impossible.

Oh and did i mention how much i love to laugh




 "transformation is a lifestyle not a diet"

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