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Neviana - - 09.

Hello, my name is Neviana Maleyko and I am so happy you are here. If someone told me 13 years ago, that today I would be a life coach and own two health food restaurants I would have laughed at you. I was simply a young mom struggling with a brutal digestive diagnosis which completely took over my life. In 2007 I began to search for an answer to the ulcerative colitis diagnosis the doctor gave me. Deep within I knew there was a solution to this mess but I didn’t know where to start. The only thing I could do is go to Google and see what everyone else was doing. The journey of a thousand diets, ingredient elimination, food diaries, eating fears, food disorders, terrible frustrations, hundreds of medications, feelings of shame and loneliness became my normal.  In the minds of it all some amazing things happened, I became a mom and opened two successful restaurants @carrotsndates. I believed that the food I was eating was causing all the distress in my gut. I spent years researching, changing everything in my life (so I thought) but had no success, instead I got sicker.


In 2013 I opened up my 1st restaurant while having two small kids, my mom was also involved in a massive car accident and I had to leave my family for 4 months and live in Europe while she healed. I had no idea how to deal with stress and the life events that came my way. I was excellent at numbing, suppressing and repressing all my emotions with alcohol, drugs, online shopping and fancy dinners. I was exhausted beyond what I could imagine, but I kept pushing my limit until 2015 when I found a lump in my breast. When the doctor called me with those three dreaded words, my life collapsed. When I was lying in the hospital bed something inside of me shifted, a big knowing came upon me that if I changed something within me I would live. I had my surgery and walked out of the hospital saying no the medical treatments. A lot of people thought I was crazy but my family fully supported me then my journey to self-discovery began.


I know that food was not my issue but something bigger had to be tackled. I hired a life coach, someone who had walked the walk and understood exactly what I was going through. I remember him saying that my thoughts and emotions have almost everything to do with my dis-ease. I have to go backward in order to go forwards and understand how my past events have shaped me. Slowly I began to look deep inside of me, my thought and the path of getting to know my self better. It was a lot of hard dedicated work, but it helped. I understood I could eat all the kale I want and drink all the barley grass there is but if my cells were filled with anger, resentment, shame and guilt, none of that would help unless those low vibrational emotions were recognized, dealt with and released. I fully recovered and my health was restored.


Our thoughts and emotions are such powerful driver’s yet no one has taught us how to be aware of them. Due to these positive changes in my life I was able to restore my health, begin living my purpose and I am now the mother, wife and person I have longed to be for so many years. 


I chose to be a life coach because it is very relatable, action taking and holistic approach. Mainly because I myself have gone through the struggles and understand what my client is going through. 


Life coaching is not counselling or therapy but an outcome-oriented approach that helps you reach your desired destination with amazing results. 


Remember as a coach I can give you the tools, walk you to the door but its up to you to open it. 


I look forward to helping you write the next chapter of your journey! 


With Love, 



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