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I had an incredible breakthrough this morning… As my husband and I were packing for a little getaway I understood why I go through the emotional roller coaster of anxiety...anger...and fear about going away… I was able to follow it back to what I experienced in my childhood and I’m so grateful for the revelation to help you understand the emotions. D. E


 Grateful I am to have chosen you to learn and grow from. To hear your kind, loving voice in my head brings me great joy.  My wish for you is continued success in all aspects of your life. An abundance of joy, amazing visions and ultimate health for you and your family.  Thank you for all that you do to give the world Hope...Love and Kindness -Dianne


Neviana came into my life at a time when uncertainty, fear, and dis-ease guided many of my thoughts, and actions. Throughout our coaching sessions, I felt genuine love and acceptance, and as I listened to pieces of her own journey that lifted her from pain to peace, I knew that I, too, could surrender the fear within me. I love Neviana’s spiritual approach to coaching, as the divine is more powerful than our most serious circumstances. Neviana so gently helped me to explore my inner wounded self, experience forgiveness, and discover a path of healing that continues to bring meaning and relevance to my story. I am grateful. -Trish S.


Neviana’s ability to interpret truth vs. story telling has allowed me to deeply explore my patterns to a level I never knew existed. She cuts through the non-sense and has given me tools to help explore my emotional compass that I am forever grateful for ! I cannot recommend her coaching enough and she speaks from her own struggles which has allowed me to believe that I can overcome my own past traumas and have full freedom of my health ! Beyond thankful !! – Rhonda


I have tried numerous different therapists and therapies and they only seem to scratch the surface. This coaching program really digs deep into the core of who you are and why. Neviana will guide you with compassion but will also help push you out of your comfort zone.  This is where the true magic happens. Do the work and you will see results. -Laura V


Neviana helped me with the most important relationship of all, the relationship with myself. Understanding my inner dialogue and the true meaning of self-love. - Tanya

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